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People who we work with frequently.

An incomplete selection that is constantly expanding.

Stefan Ludwig


The years of working together on Ludwig’s second big-screen documentary “The Angry Buddha”, which is also Metafilm’s second cinema production, have brought Metafilm and Stefan Ludwig close together. In fact, he has now become something of our go-to director, which has resulted in a whole series of successful TV productions. In addition, the German-born director has proven himself an expert on Austria.

A selection of his work for Metafilm includes “The Angry Buddha”, “Mei G’wand, mei Tracht” (several episodes of the first and second series) and, currently, “Auf den Spuren des Kaisers” (in production).

Robert Zapletal


For many years, Robert Zapletal has settled into the Metafilm editing suite for weeks at a time to leave his mark on many of our productions. When he isn’t here, we feel that there is something missing. If he is not editing somewhere else, he may be out behind the wheel of his 1974 Fiat 124 Sport Coupé engaging in his second great passion, car racing.

A selection of his editing work for Metafilm includes “Universum – Schönbrunner Tiergeschichten”, “Universum History – Leidenschaft und Verrat”, “Peter Aufschnaiter – Acht Jahre Tibet”, “Bad Gastein – Diva der Alpen”, “Die Salzpiraten – Freibeuter des weißen Goldes”, “Kein schöner Land?” and “Ghetto – Venedig und die Juden”.

Markus Kuscher


He feels right at home in any historical era and has probably explored every Central European props and costume department. Once a singer in a punk band, Marcus still enjoys being in the public eye and frequently puts on his own costumes to act as an extra in Metafilm productions. His creative approach has shaped several Metafilm projects, including “Apokalypse – Eine kleine Geschichte des Weltuntergangs”, “Die Akte Galilei”, “Der Weg in den Untergang” oder “Die Salzpiraten – Freibeuter des weißen Goldes”.

Andrea Minauf


Andrea is frequently entrusted with our special projects, as she has demonstrated time and again that film budgets are in good hands with her. She has repeatedly proven her worth as Production Manager in extremely difficult situations. For Metafilm she has been responsible for the timely, reliable completion of projects including “Hanna Reitsch – Hitler’s Pilot”, “Ein Dorf in der Großstadt – Die Grundsteingasse in Wien Ottakring”, “Die große Reise”, “Die weiße Schlange”, “Der Weg in den Untergang” and, currently, “Ghetto – Venedig und die Juden”.