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ABOVE THE WORLD Modern life has made Elias ill and he withdraws to the mountains, far from consumer culture, personal ownership and notions of wealth. The natural world that surrounds him provides everything he needs - but can be unforgiving. continue SISTER COURAGE Anna Bertha Königsegg
and her resistance against
Nazi euthanasia
continue The power of evil men lives
on the cowardice of the good.

Don Bosco
Elisabeth The Driven Empress continue Our dreams are always better when they don't come true.

Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary
Victoria Secrets of a queen
of the century
continue She was the best and the worst queen of all time.

Karina Urbach, Historian
FAITH, LIFE, DEATH. ...a multi-faceted take on a lasting war that destroyed everything...

Süddeutsche Newspaper
...a prime example of historical storytelling on television...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper
VENICE AND THE GHETTO 500 years ago, Venice changed the course of history... continue THE ANGRY BUDDHA János Orsós comes from a Romani background and is a teacher. He is also a practicing Buddhist who has founded a Buddhist school in a Hungarian village. His aim is to help teenagers from poor Romani ghettos gain university places. continue THE GREAT JOURNEY A monastery is closed down.
Nuns are forced to move.
Some of them resist.