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Age of Queens – The Tragedy of Mary Stuart

Docu-drama, 45 min, 2022
Director: Andrea Oster

Mary Stuart is remembered as a Catholic martyr, a saint who gave her life for the church, but also as a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of the men she allowed herself to love.

“The Tragedy of Mary Stuart” explores the truth about Mary, Queen of Scots, revealing how fake news and hate speech were very much a part of society as far back as the Counter-Reformation of the 16th and 17th centuries. Mary was subjected to propaganda and an attempt to rewrite history for the purposes of political agitation.

However, she herself was not entirely innocent of using similar methods. Historical documents dating back to the times of the Stuarts and the Tudors reveal that Scotland’s queen had designs on England’s throne, which caused a long-running feud with her royal cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. For thirty years, Mary Stuart conspired to become queen of England, even going so far as to become involved in assassination plots developed by Catholic fanatics.

The documentary uses a compelling storytelling approach: Mary’s life is narrated by her cousin Elizabeth I, played by the celebrated Austrian actor Marie-Christine Friedrich. Elizabeth is sometimes emotional and sometimes entertaining as she reveals her intimate knowledge of her cousin’s actions. And, when her account occasionally becomes just a little too coloured by self-interest, some of Britain’s most respected historical experts are on hand to provide context.

After all, as the historian Tracy Borman has noted, “Mary’s ambition to be queen dominated everything. She wanted to destroy Elizabeth.”

Accordion Title

Queen Elizabeth I.
Marie-Christine Friedrich

Script & Director
Andrea Oster

Georg Geutebrück
Christian Haake
Tim Webster
Jak Reyez
Sonja Aufderklamm

Edited by
Robert Zapletal

Emanoel Bruckmüller

Original music by
Alexander Komlew

Production Design & Costumes
Peter Suchy

Ina Chudrina
Julia Perdula

Regina Tichy

Camera assistant
Natalia Brezwan

Lighting technicians
Siegfried Stütz
Clemens Gigler

Sound design & Mischung
Christofer Frank

Florian Hirschmann
Thomas Leitner

Colour grading
Nicola Stampfer

Archival research
Fynn Siemoneit

Production services
Philipp Sklorz (Metafilm)
JewelLabs Pictures
– Viktor Perdula
– Mathias Hammer
– Jan Weinand

Voice over
Cornelius Obonya
Katrin Daliot
Eva Maria Salcher
Ninja Reichert
Eszter Hollósi

Archive & Entities
Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Renaissanceschloss Rosenburg

Co-produced by
Ifage, Metafilm, ZDF und ORF

In cooperation with
arte und ORF-Enterprise

Funded by
Fernsehfonds Austria