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Konklave_Filmstill_Moderator präsentiert das Papst-Kaiser Rotulus_MG_0751_(c)MetafilmGmbH
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Conclave – The last secret

TV Documentary, 52 mins, 2019
Director: Michael Cencig

The conclave, the ritual of selecting a new Pope, remains a mysterious process that has apparently remained largely unchanged since the earliest days of the Catholic church. However, this is not the case – in fact, the process of change has continued for 2,000 years. The documentary explores the central moments in a history defined by power struggles, intrigue and even cold-blooded murder – as well as divine inspiration and spirituality.


Michael Cencig

Fritz Kalteis
Michael Cencig

Klemens Koscher

Nicola Stampfer

Audio Engineer
Christofer Frank

Sound Recordists
Emanoel Bruckmüller
Andrea Pallotti
Sergey Martynyuk

Lighting & Grip
Florian Hrad
Lukas Swatek

Actor & Host
Paul Matic

Eszther Hollósi

Voices of the Cardinals
Peter Faerber
Robert Reinagl
Dietmar König
Nico Link

Regina Tichy

Props & Wardrobe
Markus Kuscher

Production Services
JewelLabs Pictures – Viktor Perdula & Melanie Stoff
Angela Rosati, Italy
Enrico Pergolini, Italy