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Beauty and the beast

TV Movie, 88 mins, 2012
Director: Marc-Andreas Bochert

The famous fairy tale tells the story of the impossible love between a wild beast and a beautiful girl. Hugo, the father of Elsa, is facing financial ruin. Things take a promising turn when Bertolt, a knight, shows an interest in Hugo’s daughter. Returning from a business trip, Hugo accidentally ends up in a mysterious castle. As he picks a rose, he is suddenly confronted by a monster, half-human and half-animal. Hugo saves his own life by promising the monster the life of the first person he sees on his return home. To his dismay, it is his daughter.

A co-production with Provobis Film and Moviepool for ZDF

Funded by Fernsehfonds Austria, Land Niederösterreich, Land Salzburg


Geisendörferpreis for Children’s TV 2013
Emil 2013 (Awarded by the TVSpielfilm guide)


Marc-Andreas Bochert

Marcus Hertneck

Thomas Teubner
Bernadette Schugg
Michael Cencig

Stefan Maria Schneider

Elsa – Cornelia Gröschel
The Beast, Prinz Arbo – Max Simonischek
Hugo, Elsa’s Father – Jürgen Tarrach
Irmel, the Maid – Carolin Walter
The Servant Wenzel – Karsten Kramer
Bertolt, the Knight – Christoph Letkowski
Gertrud, the Maid – Nadine Wrietz
Lawyer – Wolfgang Edelmayer
Pawnbroker – Johannes Silberschneider
Shepherd – Wolfgang S. Zechmayer