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Jesuitenprediger Jeremias Drexel 2
Nonne Klara Staiger 7 – beim Bestechen eines schwedischen Oberst
Söldner Peter Hagendorf 4
Kaufmann Hans de Witte 5
Söldner Peter Hagendorf 11
Söldner Peter Hagendorf 7 – mit kranker Frau Anna
Nonne Klara Staiger 2
Jesuitenprediger Jeremias Drexel 5©Metafilm
Söldner Peter Hagendorf 9©Metafilm

Faith, life, death – People in the Thirty Years’ War

TV Documentary, 90 mins, 2018 (BR, MDR, SWR, ORF, BMBWF)
Director: Stefan Ludwig

The Thirty Years’ War, the last great religious conflict in Europe, began 400 years ago. On the surface, it was a war between Catholics and Protestants, but in reality it was a complex drama related to power, territory and vested interests that involved all of Europe but had a particularly disastrous impact on Germany. To many, the Thirty Years’ War bears some striking similarities to the current conflicts in the Middle East, combining weak social structures, ruthless warlords and external powers with an interest in maintaining strife between different religious confessions. Is the Islamic world currently in the grip of a similar war to that which once tore Europe apart?

The docu-drama “Faith, Life, Death – People in the Thirty Years’ War” explores the fates of five individuals from all walks of life who lived during, suffered through or even financed the conflict. From bankers to mercenaries, these people really existed. Their stories are re-constructed using diaries and other historical sources and brought to life in narrative re-enactments.


Süddeutsche Zeitung, 24. Juni 2018
FAZ, 25. Juni 2018


Writer & Director
Stefan Ludwig

Thomas Beckmann

Robert Zapletal

Thomas Kathriner

Assistant Director
Alice Stengl

Sound Recordist
Andreas Scheurer

Motion Graphics
Pipe Digital Art Studio

Production Design
Désirée Salvador-Schlegel

Peter Suchy

Markus Kuscher

Valerie Rossacher
Karin Ruthardt

Adele Neuhauser
Cornelius Obonya

Technical Support
Nicola Stampfer
Lukas Roucka

Unit Production Manager
Philipp Sklorz

Production Manager
Andrea Minauf

Line Producer
Karin Watabe-Wolfger

Michael Cencig

Andreas Weigl
Wolfgang Horak

Daniel Kamen                 Hans de Witte
Raphael von Bargen      Jeremias Drexel
Katharina Haudum        Marta Küzinger
Julian Sigl                        Lukas Küzinger
Robert Zimmermann    Peter Hagendorf
Monika Bujinski             Klara Staiger
Maria Spanring              Anna Hagendorf

Historisches Archiv ORF
Leeds Museums/Bridgeman Images
Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Wien
Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, München
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München

Thanks to
Burg Kreuzenstein
Weinviertler Museumsdorf Niedersulz GmbH