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Late spring

TV-documentary, 30mins (ORF)
Director: Tobias Dörr
Production year: 2017

Marianne was married to Oswald for 65 years. The first 60 of them were challenging, but the last five were pleasant. Then Oswald passed away. Today, at the age of 92, Marianne is learning to play the piano. There is just one piece she hopes to master: “To Spring”, by composer Edvard Grieg. “It is a difficult piece,” according to her teacher Adrian Cox, professor at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. The challenges are compounded by the fact that the 92-year-old’s sight is failing. She can’t see Adrian’s hands and fingers when he demonstrates how the piece should be played. Adrian therefore encourages to place her hands over his and feel his playing. When Marianne then takes a seat at the piano, Adrian can sense what she is trying to convey to her deceased husband through the music: Finally, after all this time, she feels seen by him.


Writer & Director
Tobias Dörr

Leena Koppe

Birgit Foerster

Emanoel Bruckmüller

Colour grading
Nicola Stampfer

Technical support
Lukas Roucka

Production manager
Eva Hödlmoser

Michael Cencig